Build a Better Business by Telling a Better Story


"If I tell you my dream, you might forget it. If I act on my dream, perhaps you will remember it, but if I involved you, it becomes your dream too." Tibetan Proverb


"We help authors, influencers, and businesses craft unforgettable audio stories" ~ Rye Taylor


Fire: Bring the Heat

Your personal charisma is key to the success of an audio story. We fire up your magnetism to epic proportions and capture the immediate attention of your listener. 

Salt: Add the Flavor

Story Architecture is the cornerstone to an engaging narrative. The StoryPop method salts your message so your audience can't help but come back for more.


Butter: Break the Rules

You have to surprise your listeners. Butter should have NEVER ended up on popcorn but somehow it did! We discover your gourmet popcorn style to keep your listeners eating every word.


A huge thank you to all who helped play a part in making this goal(Podcast) turn into reality, that of being #1 in New and Noteworthy on iTunes.
— Catherine Newton, Inspirational Speaker
Thank you, Rye. You’re awesome! And, you are very appreciated! You are the embodiment of a Go-Giver, my friend.
— Bob Burg, International Best Selling Author
Rye was great to work with and helped me create a polished, professional-sounding podcast. His knowledge and suggestions on setting up my podcast were invaluable, allowing me to save time and focus on creating content while he handled everything else.
— Scott Alan Turner, Financial Rock Star
Lets just say Rye’s got great stories to tell from his life experience. One had me terrified, the other had me heartbroken. So if you would like a genuine entrepreneur who isn’t afraid to be real, I highly recommend Rye.
— Sarah Spear, Children's Author
Credit to Bill Watterson for the Comics and Tim Stout for the 3-Act Graphic Design

Credit to Bill Watterson for the Comics and Tim Stout for the 3-Act Graphic Design

Breaking it down...

To help you navigate the content of the StoryPop Method, and how we actually help YOU create unforgettable audio stories, we’ve organized it into a 3-Act Story Structure.





The First Act: We establish Your main characters, their relationships and the world they live in.

Catalyst: We find out your call to action, (Will X sell the business? Will Y get fired? Does Z have what it takes?)

Guide: Rye will be your weekly guide giving you advice, handouts, and tutorials showing you the building blocks of an engaging narrative.


The Second Act: We resolve the problems initiated by the first act.

Rising Action: We introduce you to a lot of concepts in the first act and now it’s time to put all those building blocks together.

How do we do that?

Peer-to-Peer: When the action is rising and the details of your audio project seem overwhelming we bring you into the “Storytribe,” a small group of authors, influencers, and businesses that will become an essential part of your story’s success. They will give you instant feedback, share their own stories and struggles, and give you the support you need when you need it most. 


The Third Act: Celebration!

There is no Kryptonite here! 

Climax: Now that you have an unforgettable audio story for your podcast, youtube videos, or on the stage, it’s time to launch! All this hard work comes down to it’s most intense point and it’s time to resolve those final questions. How do I continually produce my podcast? What is the best way to market this story? How do I keep the momentum without my “Storytribe?”

Resolution: We answer all of your questions and make sure you are blown away by this entire experience. This isn’t a course, or even training, this is just a part of YOUR story. 

Why Work with StoryPop?

When authors, influencers and businesses are so involved in the day to day operations it can be difficult to understand how powerful an audible story can be. They know who they want to reach and why, but how to clearly reach them is the hard part. StoryPop Studios brings clarity to your business by giving you a repeatable framework for all of your audible stories. 

With a better story there is instantly a better business. Stories resonate with the human spirit unlike any statistic or business jargon. If a business tells a great story then the listener will not only be engaged but repeat what they have heard. 

We know it can be difficult to make a story pop with engagement, and that is why we break down the process into three simple and fun steps. We help you bring the fire, salt and butter to your story. Flavoring your influence and spelling out success. 

Where do Audible Stories really fit into my Business?

Podcasting, speaking, audiobooks, youtube, webinars, radio interviews, television appearances, tutorials, training, coaching, instructional videos, and the list goes on and on.

If you have unforgettable audio stories, ALL of these platforms become a tool to leverage and share your message with the world, and more importantly with your niche. 

The StoryPop Method is taught by Rye Taylor, Story Architect for some of the largest influencers, authors and businesses out there. Rye has been a storyteller for decades and brings a unique talent for "Story Architecture" to the business world. 

Once your business learns the StoryPop Method it will be a repeatable framework for all aspects of your business. 

Here is just a taste of what you will learn...

*The Building Blocks of an Engaging Narrative

*Leveraging Podcasts as a Major Marketing Tool

*The Importance of Dramatic Tension, Personal Transformation, and the Art of Surprise

*Painting a Story for a Radio Audience

*Making Your Interviews Magnetic

*Transforming Your Written Words into Unforgettable Audio


Register for the StoryPop Method today and build a better business by telling a better story. 

We are going through some exciting transitions as part of our story. Next Session Pending! Stay Tuned...