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Rye Taylor, Story Architect and Podcast Launch Strategist and his team of experienced strategists, designers, voiceover artists, and audio engineers have dozens of podcasts to their name. Recognized in the Podcasting Industry for working with Influencers, New York Times Bestselling Authors, and Businesses, the team has become a well oiled machine of efficiency, creativity, and excellence.

Each and every client is defined by your unique and distinctive service to the world. This focus keeps your story and production services as a unique and custom experience in an industry plagued with cookie cutter content. 



Open Positions

Audio Engineer

Are you interested in crafting unforgettable audio for our clients? Do have a blast working with story development and music? Want to have the freedom to work virtually? Then apply today for an adventure. 


  • 3 years of Experience with Audio Editing or an Audio Related Degree Required
  • Familiar with Spoken Word Audio Editing(Audiobooks, Podcasts, Narration)
  • Comfortable Being a Virtual Team Player

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